Gain a competitive advantage

Supplying manufacturers and retailers with high quality Business Intelligence across Europe since 2006, Priceindx have established ourselves as the premium supplier of choice.

Active across the most diverse range of market sectors, we are fully committed to ensure our customers have the very best information at their fingertips when making their crucial business decisions.


Curt Luks

Managing Director

Founder of Priceindx and its concept, with more than 30 years within communication and software development.

As a former Market Director within Ericsson he has the experience of working globally without borders. He was at the center of the Internet birth and developing functionality that can be distributed through the global network today.

Paul Rösth

Sales and Marketing

Has a 25 year long experience and knowledge from sales, international sales training and marketing. Working with Priceindx since 2012 helping our customers taking advantage of our cost-effective market expansion/ business expansion solutions. Paul loves helping companies being more competitive and profitable.

Jan Tallroth

Chief Growth Officer

Brand, communications, and business development specialist with 20+ years of experience from multidisciplinary tasks driving change for clients in Nordic and EMEA at Ogilvy and other market consultancy agencies.

Jan was also part of management in two digital startups on multi-markets. He had the position as market and sales director responsible for the launch of Hong Kong-based MTR Express speed trains in Sweden. Jan helps customers realize business growth.

Ignacio Monedero Higuero

Sales and Marketing

Consultant, real estate developer, purchase responsible; business owner; a wide span of working experience always with the firm belief that the right tools have a great impact towards achieving results.

Having worked on buying, selling and service providing, Ignacio has gained ample knowledge of all sides of business and joins the Priceindx team to engage the Spanish market.

Arez Moriarc

Key Account Director

Sales & optimization specialist with 10+ years of experience within tech, SaaS and e-commerce. Previous obligations have been e-commerce founder, sales director and key account manager for several successful and prominent companies and brands.

Passionate about developing this thing we call e-commerce to new heights and is looking forward in helping you to optimize your pricing strategy – with never before seen intelligence.

Emanuela Pastore

Country Manager Italy & Overseas Business Development

Emanuela is a Senior International Sales & Marketing manager who is used to working in multicultural environments where communication and teamwork are essential! She has a wealth of experience in leading Business Development Strategy in the Telecommunication and Digital Service industry. Worked as Country Manager for Telecom Italia Group in Australia, Hungary and Sweden where she developed strong corporate image and large customer portfolio.

She is proud of having driven forward the expansion of first Italian Mass-Market Telematic Service: PGE ( Electronic Yellow Pages) in the late 1980’s.

Norman Ingram

Sales and Marketing

With extensive experience working for some of the most prestigious global organisations within sales and marketing, Norman has channelled his knowledge and enthusiasm into Priceindx since 2007, helping create one of the best and most respected brands within Business Intelligence.

Daniel Fransson

IT Director

Responsible for technology and development since 2011. Daniel has a degree in Master of Science in Engineering whose main responsibility has been to maintain and develop our unique in-house developed software, ensuring that it provides accurate data, focusing on the customer’s needs in an increasingly changing market.

Erki Laisaar

Head of Software Development

The world of E-commerce is constantly changing and evolving. New solutions for acquiring and presenting data have to be developed at a fast pace. Erki has been with Priceindx since 2009 – his experience and deep understanding of our field help us achieve that.

Jaagup Toome

Head of Analytics and Operations

Data Priceindx supplies has no margin for error. More than six years of software development experience, with strong analytical skills and a broad range of computer expertise, Jaagup ensures that we use the latest and best technologies and algorithms in order to provide flawless services.

Raol Tamberg

Head of Security and Special Projects

Technology and information are defining factors of modern society. Having strong interest in both, as well as having technical education, Raol is ready to take on any challenge to meet the customer needs.

Margus Klaamann

Head of Quality Assurance

In developing products or services, quality is what makes a decisive difference. As a person who strives for excellence in every endeavour, Margus is the right man for the job.

Tonis Kurss

Support Operations

Having a vast background in the IT services industry, Tõnis brings his vast know-how to Priceindx to ensure a continuous service and smooth running of operations.