About us

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Sweden originated Priceindx is supplying successful Retailers and Brands with price monitoring and dynamic pricing since 2006.

Priceindx provides e-commerce managers, sales managers, purchasing managers, price strategics, assortment managers and marketing managers, with a wide range of services - the whole team collaborating in the same tool.

We work globally with all kinds of Brands and Manufacturers.
Our SaaS service works without tech integration and is available in any country, language and currency.

Business insight modellen

Business Intelligence & Analysis

Daily and historical price data, KPI dashboard, analysis and report packages adapted to your needs.


We offer customized implementation, consulting, and workshops together with our price strategists. Price strategy, purchasing strategy, assortment curation, competitive analysis and market analysis.

For Manufacturers/Brands

Get an overview of your retailers and competitors globally, and follow their pricing and promotions over time. Ensure that they have the correct product information and that your products are in stock.

Dynamic pricing

Channel-specific dynamic price lists for web, physical stores or different marketplaces based on competitor behavior, traffic, inventory rotation, conversion rate, margins and forecasts.