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Control and maximize profits in the shop-eat-shop world

Collaborative team functions for smarter decisions and control. Drive profitability with AI dynamic pricing, optimize assortments for increased sales, and informed purchasing decisions. Elevate your brand's market position with strategic control, all backed by strategic best practices from industry experts since 2006.

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Utilizing your product feed, we'll demonstrate how to effectively monitor competitors, curate assortments, and implement dynamic pricing rules aligned with your strategies. Let's evaluate outcomes together with our strategy department. Just provide your product feed, and we'll handle the rest.



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No more struggling with correct pricing strategy

A dynamic pricing tool gives a competitive edge against everybody else, but if you want to take it to next level and use the tool even more efficiently you may need support.

Priceindx’s own strategy team will coach your company to fine tune everything according to your company’s framework to make it even better.

With a broad understanding from ecommerce and online pricing strategy we could act as both an advisory board or supply an interim pricing manager if needed.

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12% Raise price

Of all products that are being first time analyzed from different market places can raise its price and still have the same position as before.

95% Increased efficiency

5% is approximately what retailers are able to handle regarding their assortment without a pricing tool.

24% Increased sales

Increase in sales or more have been shown within the first few months with clients applying monitoring and dynamic pricing into their price management.

Pricing solutions for retailers and brands

We work with some of the most innovative retailers and brands worldwide and have designed our solution to handle the product matching and comparison challenges faced in any product category.

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Our customers

Trusted by some of the leading retailers and brands worldwide

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How does it work?


Provide a feed

Provide a product feed with details such as Product Name, ID, EAN, MPN, URLs (and purchase prices for margin limits in dynamic pricing) to get started.


Gather competitive data

Select competitors or market places and gain comprehensive price data reports on a daily and historical level - fully tailored to your needs.


Price rules & Automation

Set price rules on any level or detail based on the competition or your own variables such as web traffic, conversion rate and much more. Import the prices manually or automate them into your ERP / Platform.


Pricing & Product Strategy

Utilise Priceindx even further by adding workshops with one of our pricing strategist with several years on the client side at larger retailers.

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