Dynamic pricing is the most efficient way to grow sales.

How to make sure you always have the right price and increase your profitability.

The next generation technology of dynamic pricing is already in place for many retailers.

With our dynamic pricing tools you can manage your sales with trust and have full control over margins and volumes creating growth. All by data driven automated functions and based on daily updates of your competitors’ prices compared to yours. You set the price rules towards your competitors, the system guides you to have the most optimized price towards them. Set the price manually in your shop or by automatic driven functionality.

We have developed the tools since 2006 and have clients all over Europe.

Follow your competitors by tracking.

We build a specific and isolated database for your specific needs. We have no limits in terms of products or sites you want to compare with. We have advanced matching tools that enable you to also match your private labels with similar products, we call them “comparable” products.

The private labels very often stand for a significantly higher margin and these products are essential to keep control of and price correctly in order to maximize profit. The manual matching is a one time job. If you add products, they will be auto matched and included in the daily reports the following day, remaining products added by one click only.

Then get daily reports on category, down to product level on your price position towards your competitors.

Dynamic pricing and rule settings.

You have now all the data needed to start adding price rules towards your selected competitors. Set the price position that you like to have towards them and get the recommended price back from the system. Update then your prices manually or implement auto pricing feature straight to your e-business based on the rules that you have selected.

There are many ways to set up your price rule settings, for example:

  • Adjust my price to be higher or lower price, in % or actual figures towards your competitors
  • Rules based on margins, inventory, market price or campaigns

The system will now recommend you the optimized price based on the rule that you have decided and you make the price adjustments manually. You could also choose to add the auto price function, still in full control based on your set of rules.

No matter the number of products or competitors, currency or location. Our tools will do the job for you overnight. You can spend time on other important issues such as developing assortment, sales volumes and profit.

All these features supply you with daily and weekly reports that will guide you to always have the right price.

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